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Well it has been a while I have been very busy

How would you like your Own Branded Social Network? Have a look at My friends this is the safe way of the future, believe my words or least remember them for the likes of Facebook will die and no longer be,  that whether you do believe it or not, will happen and  is as I say remember my words, going to be gone…When! That is the question not a matter of will it but when… So the Good news is YOBSN done deal….

YOBSN (Your Own Branded Social Network)

By now many of you Internet surfers / users would have heard of Yobsn which obviously stands for your own branded social network. Now you can as I have stated on numerous occasions join for free and enjoy all the chirp, chats, discussion groups, blog, pick up smart points, email with in the untraceable system, create your own avatar, have access to all games that can earn you points, uni lectures, software, news, shopping, add new friends and much more all within this very secure community network.

As a business person the opportunities are endless, just for $30.00 per months you have access to multiple income streams, and the beauty of this company is that approx. 75% of all revenue goes back to us the members, others don’t do that they keep it all. I am an assistant manager and Personal Trainer at a gym and for me the advertising for my Personal Training business is huge, could be for you too, I mean $30.00 per month come on…

I mean if you want to try it out get a feel just need to go to  and join for free there is a blue button on the home screen back ground and graphic I created and actually won some money $120.00 from the company for it, now how cool is that. Further all the work has been done for you you actually get the web site/s templates all ready to go and as an ultimate member you can create your own cool back grounds etc now how good is that. As a free member you log into my back ground and social dashboard that I have as my default and from here you can navigate to all the great offers I have going, well you can see for your self. Yet if you live near me as many of my clients do can you see how amazingly beneficial this is for them. I can communicate with them about new workout programs, fitness video I have uploaded, even videos of upcoming workouts for them and so so much more. I have a discussion group on Health and Fitness as well where anyone is free to ask for or make any comments etc.

So just for supplying only your name and email address which are all confidential you can trail this most amazing social branded network…Do it, cause if you don’t Yes you guessed it someone else will…Have a good day Amigos….