YOBSN Leading the way in Technology Now!

leading_yobsnYobsn, Your Own Branded Social Network, definitely now destined to be the leader not only in the Social Media Technological Area of the Internet but it’s never been done before and that is the combination of so much into one amazing YOBSN network. So for the first time not only can you have all the Social aspects and treats that Facebook, Twitter and the like have, but here in one web site which you have the rights to buy you can advertise and product business or service, whilst making money, smart points, use of amazing tools, university lectures, an amazing list that goes on and on, online games, shopping, a porthole to any thing anywhere on the Internet and you make money.

No spam, no one tracking your personal emails, no one able to search and find you confidential conversation, daily inspirations and soul uplifting chirps from your friends, all happening in real time from all over the world. Thousands of friends all with one goal:- Helping all to make this place a better world. OMG! Can you just grasp what is happening here, I mean you really can’t unless you become part of this incredible community, it is and becoming one hell of an amazing trip….

People ask is this for real is this a pyramid  or type scheme? Hell no! For a start you can join for free and now in the process of allow free users the updated, and upgraded Version 2 with internal blog, chirps, chats, discussion groups, email, and lots more. Prizes are drawn and distributed around the globe. Smart Points are accumulated daily and go into the prize draws. Play games and win smart points, give away as a free member the YOBSN and earn smart points.

I won’t even go into the benefits of the branding features as all these things are fully explained here http://www.ppawd2.gosmartmedia.com


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